Currently I have this amp http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Drive-CD100-Guitar-Practice-Amp?sku=480390

and an Sz520qm guitar should I look to upgrade my amp . Or What do you guys think?

if so i was thinking along these lines and price range:



Appreciate feedback =) not the musical kind
Yeah, an amp upgrade would be good - you have a nice guitar there.

How much can you spend altogether? I would, if I were you, save until you have about $500 at minimum because then you have a lot more options available and would be able to get something that suited whatever musical style you have and it would last you a long time.

Also, what kind of music do you play?
For practice eh?
A Line6 is pretty versatile i'd say
check the out the flextones and spiders
their rad
Take spider out of protestfans post...terrible amps.
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I'd take that vox over the cube.

But a new amp is certainly in order.

Nice choice of guitar, by the way.
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The Vox is better than the Cube.
Also, ignore Halikus, Spider Amps are fine for practice.
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yeah i returned/exchanged my Arx100Ca for it. I got the SZ blemished for 225..but now UPS cant find it or something , so If it does not show up by Monday. They gonna send me a new one instead.

So i am thinking of getting an amp to do it some justice.
Are you interested in performing? You'll need something bigger. As long as the amp you have serves your purposes for practicing, save up for a combo you can actually play out with.
No i will not be performing, I was just thinking of getting a practice amp to upgrade from the one i have , which i posted above.
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Well, I was about to say you could get away with something like a Palomino V8...That'll be okay for those genres you mentioned. Get some pedal like a EHX Big Muff Pi in addition to the V8 for a big hairy kind of Garage rock sound.

You have to remember that Metal a shred are both very different tones from the ones you first mention. You'll have settle for some approximation of them with your Digitech pedal.
wow pretty cool. Any pedal with BIG MUFF in the name and is made in NYC where i live gotta be worth trying. Thanks for the input. I'm going to save up for some of this stuff cuz im a poor college student, instead of getting one of the for mentioned Cube 20x or VoxDa5.

Ill stick with my poobler drive amp till then =)
yeah , i will try it out. I like the Micro cube except it does not have an EQ. Also i do not like how the cubes have a tuning option, its an AMP why do i need that nonsense. =(

what do you think of the Vox DA5

if i end up getting an amp i wont be getting a new one for a while, so i might just save up for that v8 or something.
yeah it does look pretty cool. has a lot of different options, but now i noticed it does not have a foot switch input, just a regular input...so does that mean i cant use that big muff or any other pedal with it?
Oh w0rd , Nice. Yeah so i might go for the Da5. Anyone have it? or know of its quality? if its worth upgrading from my current amp?

also then whats a foot switch for !?! whats a pedal etc, big muff arghHHh

put me out of my ignorant misery =)
The Big Muff Pi is a kind of distortion pedal. You plug your guitar into it, and you plug the pedal into your amp. It's just a method of getting a different sound. Read the sticky at the top of this forum - I believe there's info there.

A footswitch is a different kind of accessory. It's to allow you change something on the amp with the stomp of your foot - usually it's something like a channel switch, gain boost, or to turn off your reverb, or something.
Thank your for the information.

Anyone have or played the Vox DA5 that would recommend it? or has some input about it or something else in price range? greatly appreciated.
Sorry to Bump but I wanna get some final thoughts on the Vox Da5. see above please =) thanks for input.