im looking for a not too expensive tube head.
i play more classic rock to metal.
but then again i sometimes play blues.
so im looking for something that is pretty versatile.

any help is appreciated.
Since you didn't post a budget I'll give you the lowest priced first. Peavey Valveking 50 watt 112 tube combo, $429 USD. The head is not as good a deal, but both give you max versatility, more than most tube amps anywhere near the price.
If you're on a low budget, Epi Valve Jr. Can't really push it to heavy metal, though.
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i think the peavey windsor fits too, as long as the cab you've got now is pretty good.

nothing is going to give you great cleans and crushing od at moderate prices.

also look used. that's the real deal there.

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you can get a peavey classic 30 head for 550, it will cover every thing but metal, but you can always add an OD to push you over the top.
depending on how heavy metal (i.e. if you don't play anything much heavier than 80's metal), if that deal's still on on the epi so-cal halfstack at MF, that'd be worth a look too. $500, i think it was.
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