I know this may look silly but I've got problems with string bending.
First of all when I try to bend my nails keep hitting the upper string and it makes a sound, and my nails aren't long :p .
Also I can easily bend with my pinky and my ring fingers with almost no help from the other fingers. I don't do that cause I believe its better with the other fingers too.
But when it comes to Index and middle I've got serious problems. I can't bend them with just them and that makes it almost impossible for me to correctly bend with the index.
Any suggestions?
Also when I practice bending my fingers get hurt and in a very little time.
Help me please.
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try muting the strings with ur picking hand.. make it a common practice to mute all the unplayed strings when u play.. its a technique that my teacher stresses on a lot.. its like that at the beginning.. all the techniques regardless of difficulty would need tons of practice to nail, pardon the pun..

string muting will help ur playing to be extra neat and tidy.. if im wrong, please do correct me, as this is only what ive learnt so far
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string muting sounds to me very difficult. Guitarist's ALWAYS use this technique? Or do they use it on certain occasions?
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Dude, there's nothing wrong with bending strings with more than one finger, I would try that if ya find it hard to bend them
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they use it very very often you just have to get used to it. then you'll be fine
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i commonly bend the strings with my indexx and middle finger, i find bending with one string can be difficult but to be honest its whatever comes naturally when it comes to performing the bend
Stupid question about muting: so say I'm bending on the fourth string, I mute the first, second, third, fifth and sixth strings? While leaving the fourth string? Okay... so to leave a gap in the middle I'll be muting with two fingers or something like that? (one for 1-3, one for 5-6) (And this is with the picking hand?)
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It sounds like you need to build more finger strength. Along with that, your calluses need time to form so you do not feel pain while bending. I hope I am not way off with my comments but that is what I gathered from your original post.