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i have just bought an boss me50 multi fx pedal and am amazed to find there doesn't seem to be any dedicated website for it.

I assume it one of the most widely owned multi pedals on the planet. i just thought there would be websites dedicated to it or boss pedals in general where people give out loads of settings.

Vox vt amps have a site as do line 6 pods.

have i missed the one for me50? and please don't say look in the settings sticky because the flawed search function of the forum means i then have to go through hundreds of pages looking for the me50
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the boss website does some settings but they are rather POO
im interested as well =)
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theres been quite a few people wanting something like this, and theres been a few asked on here want settings people use and no one ever answers, i ended up buying a gt8 because of the website for it that has lots of users patches and people claim they sound good and just like the bands, but when i try them with my gear they dont sound anything like the uploader says they do
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hey guys, this is the best i could find so far.

patches for some of the most famous guitar players' sound.

check it out


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I also have a Me50 and I'm being unable to get the sounds I want... probably because of the amp, as I only tried it with a crappy amp and a 100w Marshall. I gigged once throught cabs and a PC and it was OK (I used my probably crap presets that I worked w/ my crappy amp lol). I'm getting a tube amp soon, and I hope that I can finally use the ME50's whole potential.
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im telling you it probably wont make the me50 shine at all. youre probably hearing all the me50 has got. i had one and sold it as soon as i got my rocker 30..because it just ****ified everything
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I got one of these yesterday and am starting to think i'm regretting it. I used to have a digitech rp250 which had tonnes of presets (yes i know i', lazy) but i'm finding it hard to get a good sound out of this. plus there's too many volume options, if i have it loud when playing clean the minute i add distortion it doubles the volume!

any help or advice please? maybe i just haven't clicked with this thing yet....
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mj2007, you just have to balance your volume. That's what the level knob is for on the distortion settings. Adjust that so your volume with the distortion on is just the same as your volume with the distortion off.

I like my ME-50 and I can get a bunch of tones out of it. You just need to know what you're doing. Why don't we just make our own ME-50 settings thread and solve everything like that?

I would post some settings right now, but I don't have anything with me at the moment, and I don't have it all at the top of my head...
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Good call EVH, i've got used to it more since i last post. i've never played with the presets or memory banks - i just tend to turn a few knobs around each time i play. i'm hoping to one day sell it and my digitech rp250 and buy just a few 'essential' boss pedals, such as distortion, chrous, delay and something else

whats your thoughts on that?
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crappy??? tell that to me!! I play with a 10Watts yamaha amp!! MY ENGLISH BOOK IS BIGGER THAN IT!!
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