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Little Martha by the Allman Brothers is in Open D. Leo Kottke does a great arrangement of that song. Leo also does alot of stuff in Open D.
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alot of this in unfamiliar! ill have to find the songs now hahaha. thanks guys.
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Oxford Town - Bob Dylan
In my Time of Dyin' - Bob Dylan
Highway 51 Blues - Bob Dylan
Corrina Corrina - Bob Dylan
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any song can be played in Open D tuning if you know your fretboard.
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Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
Leo Kottke - Corinna, Corinna
Goo Goo Dolls - Let Love In
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My 3 favourite recent open d songs
Jose Gonzales/The Knife- Heartbeats (Capo 1st fret)
Seasick Steve- Just about anything he plays, get stuck in
Oasis- Bag it Up (sounds much better than the drop d tabs going around)
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creed - stand here with me. one of my favs in open D.
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Wow. Come on guys. This thread is from before I was a member.
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