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held down by rabid monkeys
anyway, im a pit monkey and im crawling out here into the real community to ask advice

this girl i know wants to start a band. I have a drummer i jam with alot and i play guitar. and we are looking for a bass player

no rhythym guitar and probably no keys

she likes bands like...silverstein and paramore....
any song suggestions so we can get ourselves tight?
i find its easier to start with covers then move on to writing originals with a new band.
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Some good songs to start with; the beatles of course. They're easy to play, catchy, and recognizable. Then maybe some Van Halen , or maybe Nirvana. And you're right; it is easier to start with covers. Move on to original material only when you've gotten to be a tight unit as a band, otherwise your song writing process will pretty much be going nowhere. (if you ask me)
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umm well if she likes paramore and silverstein, do some of their songs. just find common interest in bands, pick your favorite songs from those bands, and there ya go
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Well, with the band I just started, I had a few ideas for songs, (I'm bassist and singer) and the drummer and I sort of took off and finished them. We don't have a guitarist at the moment unfortunately, but we're looking.

I think it's easier to just write all the time, and give them your ideas and see what they think, while learning covers all the while.
But that's just me.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

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since shes into that kind of music, try senses fail, saosin