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Hey guys, I'm in a newly formed band and we've only played a couple of shows with a small set list. We're looking to expand our cover repertoire before writing some original stuff. We're a 5 piece band with 2 guitarists (about equal talent, we switch who does lead and who does rhythm for each song). Our genre is basically any type of rock and maybe some of the more basic metal stuff (Ozzy, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc.)

Songs we played at our last show (so you can get an idea of our skill level and style):

Time is Running out - Muse
Alive - Pearl Jam
Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin
Sweet Child O Mine - Guns N Roses

Can you suggest some songs that would be good for a 5 piece band of around this skill level? And please be specific! Thanks a lot, and if there's already a thread relating to this topic or a different place I should post, please let me know (I'm kind of a UG forum newb)
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fade to black- metallica
iron man- black sabbath
symphony of destruction- megadeth
welcome to the jungle- gunners
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Thanks, we actually learned Fade to Black so that's a good suggestion! Anyone else have like.. non-metal stuff? Thanks a lot.
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If you want to do another Guns song, do Rocket Queen.

If you want a cool easy (ish) metal song go for For Whom the bell tolls.
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If you're into Muse try out Hysteria.
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Heavy, December, The World I Know, Better Now - Collective Soul
Just, Electioneering - Radiohead
Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother
Say It Ain't So, My Name Is Jonas - Weezer
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Do some Neil Young or Bob Dylan. You don't have to sound same as them, rework the songs a little bit, let your imagination play...
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