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Okay me and a few guys are starting a classic metal (metallica, Ac Dc, ect) and it's me and the lead guitarists first time in a band. We will play gigs. The all but one or two of the others have been in a band before. I'm rhythem guitarist and I don't wanna to be, you know, some dude in the backline with sound coming out of his amp, I wanna be noticed. Me and the lead guitarist are 14, the others are about 16. Any advice for us first timers?
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Have fun.

And always make sure you like what you're playing.
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Go ****in' crazy on stage. Just don't think, go ****in CRAZY. It's more fun than you'd ever believe. And rhythm guitarists can be cool too, you just have to establish yourself musically. Learn your chords and your scales and mix it up, add your own style.
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Make some interesting rythym parts, come to the first practice with some ideas, have some fun. If it doesn't work out, well alot of bands don't, you'll float on alright.

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Learn to play lmao. In fact learn Perpetual Burn by Jason Becker...then we'll talk lol.
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just play well, and get into it when you play a show. rythym guitar can do some lead stuff too so it wont be boring when you play. as long as you don't just stand there playing and thats it you will be noticed n stuff.
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if you're actually good at playing lead, you and the other guitarist should take turns playing leads. that's what my band does.
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contribute and make suggestions for the band
show ur serious bout and stuff
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also, if you have to stick to rhythm, just be the most active person on stage. you'll get noticed.
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Dude im in the same situation as you. Just learn scales and chords and youll be fine.
P-S: Ramones songs make good practice for power chords.
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Try and trade on leads, and keep learning/getting better, don't totally focus on the band.
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thanx guys, I'll have some mp3s up when we record some (if anyones interested)
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Surf a little through Bandleading forums.

You have to be able to play songs you know drunk in complete dark jumping on one feet.
When you can do that, work on some stage presence.

And have fun.
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do dual lead guitar bits and harmonized stuff. thats if the bass can keep a good rhythm and you cn harmonize. trade off each others playing live. split songs or covers up i.e one will play the solo on song x and the other the solo on song y and maybe find a song with two solos
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Work on your songwriting and band co-ordination. Enjoy the experience and you'll mature well as a band player. First bands mostly never last or make it big anyway, so just stay in there and learn whatever you can.
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when you play shows, dont just stand there, jump, run, kick, scream, do anything

you will look really gay if you just stand there, its not that scary, i thought it would bem and i was wrong
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Quote by StratKing91
Learn to play lmao. In fact learn Perpetual Burn by Jason Becker...then we'll talk lol.

Quote by FoxyGrandpa
**** bitches

If you don't have any proper advice don't waste breathing space with posts like those.

As for TS, just have fun, a band at our age (I'm 15 so we are around the same) won't be as important as one from maybe 18 or 19. It's all about getting experience, having fun and making friends. As for getting attention, stand up for yourself. If you want lead on a song, ask for it and if they disagree, play what you would play etc. If you don't ask you don't get.