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So I want to make a Demo with about seven songs or so, and I was just wondering what I should do with it. I already have some friends I'm gonna give it to, but how do I get noticed by labels and stuff like that. Secondly could you please listen to the songs on my profile and tell me which ones I should use for my demo. Thanks
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Send it to a radio station and include your band name and the song titles otherwise it'll get thrown away.
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1. Touring is the best thing to promote and sell. No matter how hard you network on myspace, touring will pay off in the long run. Make as many friends as possible, weather other bands, venue owners/workers, studios, and anyone that does anything in the music industry. It will make a HUGE difference.

2. If you think you have serious material, mail in your demo/press kit. Include your CD, a promo shot (not a live shot), and a short bio and mail to labels that would most likely sign you. For instance, do not send a metal demo to a country label. Seeing your username, your gonna wanna find some pop-punk labels. Start small, do not send to Warner Bros, RCA, or any other major labels. Send to No Idea Records, Asian Man Records, Fat Wreck Chords, Eyeball Records. All of which are started by bands that have been where you are now.

3. Lots of shows. This goes hand-in-hand with touring. Just be smart. Rec centers, benefit shows, and local all age venues are great. Sure, your going to move up into real local venues but your gonna want start small, start a following and THAN move up. PROMOTION IS KEY! If you ever see an open spot with a national act that is somewhat close to your genre, go for it. Most national acts are willing to share the stage and it's great publicity!

4. Local radio is also great. And if you go on tour, ask anyone working the venue or a local band to pass on your demo.

5. Help other bands out. How does this help us? You may ask.... well when you help other bands out, they will remember you and hopefully help you out in return. This could mean, more fans, more publicity and most importantly more shows.

These are just a couple of things. The key thing is to start small, than build up.
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Very well said.
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I would just add one thing. You could go to your local music stores and let them hand out your demo every time somebody buys an album from a band that is in your genre. And also go to your local guitar store and ask if they also give out a few copies.
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Quote by acoginthesystem
Send it to a radio station and include your band name and the song titles otherwise it'll get thrown away.

Good post, J6strings.

Don't bother sending it to radio unless it is community radio (ex. college stations, etc.). Check first, but you'll find that most commercial radio stations will only playlist something that has label support and national distribution.

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