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so im looking for songs to play with my newly created band, songs to play with two guitars and a trumpet (not limited to vocals either)

im looking for songs with decent scores for them and im trying to keep away from ska

if you guys could offer any help it would be appreciated
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Yellow Submarine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!11
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Quote by due 07
Yellow Submarine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!11

hmm cant find the trumpet part but ill keep it in mind if the trumpet wants to figure it out or make a part up
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Look into some funk and soul. All the melody parts can easily be arranged for trumpet. You don't have bass and drums? Then I don't want to talk to you ever again.
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Check out a band called Monty are I, they're good and they have someone who plays trumpet. I'm doing a little side project with my little brother who plays trumpet, so I understand the difficulty of finding some good music with trumpet...We're just doing origional stuff (all written by me) on the album we're recording, and when we do covers live I usually end up doing that by myself with him helping out on backup vocals. Have fun with that!
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I think the Zutons have trumpets frequenting their songs. I may be wrong though.

Mark Ronson uses brass as his signature sound also.