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My band Electric Nightmares have played a couple of gigs and have a couple more coming up but they seem to be pretty infrequent, spaced out by a couple of months, we were wondering if their are any cheap and easy ways to get gigs and if so how? Thanks for your help
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Find a place that doesn't need to listen to demo's and pretty much lets anyone play at their place, thats what my old band did, good turnout and a small crowd, you can make good ties with the other bands and their fans if your good enough.

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You should go out as much as you can and meet new people. New connections ---> new places to play with your band.
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Do what I did. Go on the internet and just get a list of tons of venues. Check out local bands in your area and see where they play. See what the requirements are to get into that place and keep hitting it. 1-2 gigs a month is that bad when you're first starting out. Just have a goal on how frequently you want to play, and shoot for that.


That is the most important thing I can offer, if you call and are polite to the bar owner that is used to dealing with egotistical dick musicians, you will get a lot more respect. Making connections is also a great tip.
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