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A couple of my friends and I Jam regularly it's just three guitarists and a keyboardist. Any advice to what we should jam over. We usally just do some Jazz chord progression but that's getting really old. I know chords scales etc... but I have no idea how to put it toghther to sound rockish. The keyboardist is really new (but he has perfect rhythmn what a gift) and one of the guitarists just sucks but me and another guitarist can play whatever other people want us too it's just we have no idea what to do on our own. Any advice?
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Make the crap guitar a bassist, and learn some music theory/scales, and designate the other guitarist as rythm, and play that way.
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FIND A DRUMMER! Then designate a rythme(s) and lead guitar(s). Lastly, drown out the bad guitar. Turn his mids down so u cant hear him well but he thinks you can hear him regularly.
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bad guitarist = bassist
key boardist = drummer
Rest guitarist

You gotta band.
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Lot of bass hate here.

Play a few covers here and there.
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We don't want to be a band we just want to jam. We would need more of us if we wanted to be a band.
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Bass is an entirely different way of thinking and approaching a string instrument. If he is a bad guitarist, he will probably be a bad bassist too.

Bad guitarists (actually, guitarists in general) are notorious for lacking a good sense of timing. Playing bass, to get a good groove happening, your timing has to be impeccable. Don't send him to bass - he'll only continue to drag you down further.

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I can easily teach him to play some simple rhythmn thing i.e. riff or chord progression he just can't solo or improve at all. I guess I should've just asked does anyone have a rock chord progression to solo over?
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Here's a basic thing to jam over:
Dm7 to G7 and just use a D dorian scale... instant Santana!