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I'm in a band called Black Intent. We've been around for over a year, played our good share of gigs, and recorded a few songs. The thing is, we've went through so many line-up changes and we don't even practice at all (our schedules are conflicting). The guitarist and bassist haven't even met the new drummer, nor the new lead vocalist.

I think-- as the only original member left-- that this band has run it's course and that I'm personally ready to move on.

I don't feel like trying anymore with Black Intent, because we're just not productive. I already feel like committing to other projects with other people. I just don't know how to break the news to the band, because (not to be arrogant) but I'm the basis of Black Intent, being the original member and recruiting all the members, booking all shows, writing all the songs.

How do I tell them that I'm ready to move on and we should go our seperate ways?
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Just say you're done, the band isn't going anywhere, and that it lost its creative vibe.

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Alright thanks. I guess it's not too hard when you have a point. I just needed some motivation or something.
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You shouldn't be concerned with other peoples opinions. Not only in bands but in life. Don't worry. If you talk to them and explain everything you shouldn't have any problems moving on.
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dude thats pretty cold are u really sure u wanna do that
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Do want Dave Mustaine would the band

Black Intent is you ,not them and try to get a new line too.
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What I did was told everyone exactly what I told you guys, and they completely understood. Now me and the guitarist are starting a new project.

Thanks for the advice (except for tbca, that's just not helpful.)

It's just basically was hard, like breaking up with a long time girlfriend. You don't want their feelings to get hurt, no matter how messed up a situation is.