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My band is a post-hardcore/metalcore band, we're playing a dance at my school (not the actual music people will be dancing to - there's a separate room for bands to perform in). This will be our first gig but with the exception of our drummer we were in gigging bands before (together I might add).

I want to work an acoustic song into our set. I have my sights set on the acoustic version of The Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice. I was thinking I could do it by myself, just me and my guitar.

Do you think it would be better to do it towards the end of the set, or as the first tune before the rest of the band comes on? I think it would feel best in the last half of the set, but I don't want the other band members feeling bored to death standing around while I perform by myself. If I did it as the first tune, the band could come on once we finished and we could go into the plugged-in part of our set, but the feel doesn't seem right. You need to kick it off with a high-octane rocker, IMO.

Suggestions? How can I do it in the second half of the set without:
A) Looking like a prick "I don't need the rest of the band, this next one is all me"
B) Boring my band members by making thems stand around while I play
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Maybe let the bass player and drummer in on it, but only if it would make it better. Or, make it the very last song, kind of like it doesn't count towards your band's set but as your own song. That way, your band can be cleaning up while you're playing.

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second song from the end to put the audiences gaurd down and the last song u can blow them away
when done well its beautiful T-T
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I would either do it by yourself, you won't look like a prick if its one song, or, as stated before, let the other two in on it, but have them come in halfway through the song or so. Or you could have them sitting around you or go out in the audience to get people pumped emotionally for the song. Talk to them
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You should try to work in the other band members, but it doesnt have to be on there original instruments. For example, can your basist play an acoustic along with you? mabye some sort of simple percusion like tambourine for the drummer? And it should probably be toward the middle of your set, mabye your band members will welcome the break!
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Quote by tbca
second song from the end to put the audiences gaurd down and the last song u can blow them away
when done well its beautiful T-T


Your not gonna look like a prick at all dont worry about that.
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What about 2/3 of the way through your set. Let the notes of a tune die out, have the other musicians leave the stage, and fire up the acoustic.

Have them come back on at the end and crank out the last 2 or 3 songs.

How you interact with the crowd will have a lot to do with how the change goes over.
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do it first. then right at the end you have the rest of the band charge on stage, while you are throwing your acoustic to the side of the stage ripping out your electric and the next song begin with a crazy riff played by you (unless there is a rhythm guitarist in your band) then diving into the next song.

really awesome to watch when done properly.
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