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Hello i'm newbie here...

And I just want to ask u suggestion about this thing...

Chek this out :
3 months ago my band have been offered to play in one show....
And We've ruined all in that show.....
Man, that really ashamed...
That was becoz My band lack of practice before that show...Only two studio's play before I go to the show....

So for u all...How many u train at studio for one show ??
You'll gonna me miss me when i'm gone....
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no offence, but i didnt understand much of what you just said... :s
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I guess you'd base it off how busy your week is? I mean, jobs and blah blah blah. I'd say like 2-3 a week?
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Practice until you are comfortable with the songs.
Practice the songs by yourself. All the way through.
Basically, just practice as much as you possibly can with the band
until you guys are all very confident about what you're supposed to do.
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It is possible to play completely unrehersed gigs, but you've got to have been playing a long time and have lot's of gigging experience.
I've been invited to take part in live jam sessions, where a number of well known local musicians are invited to turn up and jam on stage and see what comes out. Usualy they are great because all the musicians that get invited are very competent musicians.
If you're just starting out however, you need to rehearse every part of the gig before doing it, because being able to play an unrehearsed gig is an ability that only comes with experience.
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Easy answer....

practice as much as it takes to get what you're playing down before you gig. The profile of the gig will, to a small extent, determine how ready it needs to be. If it is for a jam night/open stage, merely being able to get through it without a train wreck is good enough. If you're opening for a major-label recording act at a 15000 seat arena, standards should be a lot higher.

For our original band, we practiced about a year - once a week - before we started doing 10 song sets in front of people. We also recorded an album to sell at shows, so that added to the process, but it also adds to the level of expectation people have of you. Who is going to buy your CD if you suck live? We were playing from small clubs to large outdoor festivals into the thousands of people. Expectations again get pretty high. So, once a week for a year and a bit was good for us.

By comparison, the bass player from my band, a drummer friend of his, and I played a benefit show at a small/medium-sized club that was a '70's theme night. Every band got up and did three covers from the '70's. It was a 'just for fun' kind of thing. We each took a couple of weeks and did our homework learning the songs; we had one rehearsal (less than 2hrs) and did the show.

Whatever it takes, depending on the circumstance. Never gig unprepared though. Your audience hates that.

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