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This seems like a stupid question but we only have 289 friends on myspace and it only seems to come from friends of ours or friends of friends... What is the best way to find alot of people to listen to your stuff.

Thanks in advance for responses
Sorry again for probable(sp?) stupidity of question

if you can be arsed...
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get your friends to send bulletins about you and stuff
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hey nice to see something else on myspace other than hardcore or emo , props to you my good man.

And doing shows helped my friend's group, try that
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my old band used it.

Its actually pretty good. It gets you heaps of adds, and people actually listen 2 your music
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Use an auto-adder like Friendblaster
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Do what I did for my old band. Just spend like 20-30 minutes a day sending messages to people who are on other local bands, send them a message introducing yourself and let them know to add you if they are into you. You have 5 people in the band, and on average I found I could send about 10-15 requests in the 30 minutes or so. So you're looking at 50-75 messages send in half an hour if you all three do it. That spreads quickly.
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You should just look around. You will find what you are looking for. Make friends with bands that you like and that like you. Start talking about them to your friends and if they aren't idiots they will do the same.
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Goto the bands profile that are your influences, and add random people from their comments/friends list and talk to some of them, introduce yourself, influences, tell them what you aim towards, and ask if you wouldn't mind them listening to some of your music.
My band [in which I recently quit] had 200 some friends within the first week just doing that, and had over 500 listens to our only song.

It may work, it may not. But nothing can be worse than trying to get your name out there.
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2 words. ***** trains.

But yeah, bulletins, messages, comments, random adds, etc.

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