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Okay, well, this little ****ing asshole(mind my francais ) said he'd play this New Years Gig with us, and, he told me yesterday he wasn't going to come... So, I'm preety much royalled.... Should we; A. Go acoustic(Bad idea, since most of our songs are very heavy, and in your face.), B. Don't play, or C. Play without drums(would make our performance very dry...
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what sort of band are you?
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if you can't do a good job, don't do it. If you can't pull it off acoustic, then don't do it. playing like you usually do but without drums would be a waste of time too
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play the show without drums, it wont be the same but nothing is gayer than bailing
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find another drummer, even if hes not as good, atleast u'd have something
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it appears now is the time for you to learn how to arrange songs for different instruments. just because your songs are "heavy" doesn't mean they can't be done acoustically. now you prolly won't wanna play trem picked 16th notes constantly but you should be able to rearrange the tunes to work acoustically. personally this is how i find if a good song is really a GOOD song. play it as just an acoustic and sing it, if it still sounds good then its a good song.

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If you can get a "chunky" tone on the rythem you might be able to play without drums, with the guitar providing a beat. I have no drummer (it's just me and my little brother) and I just strum heavily and use picks that make a crapload of noise. Works for me!...but maybe not for you.