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Hey there everybody,

What's the best way to sell your band's music online?
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iTune's probably.

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Quote by TUMFP
Isn't there that TuneCore (something like that) that allows you to post your music on iTunes?

yes, but it's very expensive and you'll probbaly lose money. become a well known band FIRST. then let your fans know you are on itunes AFTER you are well known.
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You don't sell your own music, record companies do that.
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sell your music through myspace. they have an online store on there now.
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Yeah, you can sell on MySpace using SnoCap or something like that.
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theres alot of ways to sell you music. and most end up having you lose money now.
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I checked into the myspace thing. It's called Snocap and it's pretty easy. the only thing I don't like is that they take a .39 cent cut of every song you sell. They do let you set your own price, but honestly, who's going to pay more than .99 cents for a song?

What do you guys think of that? It seems pretty low maintenance and you do get to keep 50 cents of every song you sell, but I'm just wondering if there's another way to do it where you can keep a larger percentage of the money?
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The Myspace is a good deal all in all, the only issue is I think SnoCap is having some financial troubles and the owners are trying to sell it. In the meantime though, it's a great way to make a few bucks.
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I suppose burning and duplicating your own cds, then selling them on a website or something yourself might be an alternative. I'd definitely recommend SnoCap, though
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But if you are not well known at all, I don't mean nation-wide (and BAD "ZZ Top reference"), but well known in your area at least, I do not think people will play. I would recommend if you haven't already, releasing a free EP and getting people accustomed to you that way. Then for your next, you can sell those for .99, or an EP of all the songs for like .50 cheaper than buying each individual, people like deals, and it would probably sell better.
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Quote by mikeman
You don't sell your own music, record companies do that.

What? You don't need a record company to sell your music. You don't need a record company at all. The only thing a record a company does is do the marketing for you and forward you money for recording. Maybe forward you money for a tour as well. Most of them just want to make a quick dollar and toss you anyways. It's not worth signing to one unless it's a label that you know you can trust (Check their other bands out and ask them what they think, take the contract to a lawyer, etc) or a major on. Otherwise, sticking to a strong DIY work ethic is the best bet.