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I'm very new to Blues & Jazz, but I'm starting to get more interested into it. I'm a very big fan of rock metal and classical, but I'm very new to blues and jazz. Could someone please give me some advice on the names of people who I should listen to, and some famous songs that I might not know of. This would help me a lot thank you...
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Pre War Blues: (very rough, raw acoustic playing)
Robert Johnson
Son House
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Charley Patton

Delta Blues: (Introduction of Electric guitar)
Big Bill Broonzy
Muddy Waters
Mississippi Fred McDowell
John Lee Hooker
Willie Dixon
Howlin Wolf
Elmore James
Sonny Boy Williamson

Chicago Blues: (pentonic blues feely playing)
Buddy Guy
BB King
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Albert King
Freddie King
T-Bone Walker
Otis Rush

British Blues:
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Beano with Eric Clapton on Guitar
- A Hard Road with Peter Green on Guitar
- Crusade with Mick Taylor
Fleetwood Mac - (early Peter Green lineup)

And All Great other Blues Players -
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Johnny Winter
Jimi Hendrix
Duane Allman
Eric Clapton
John Mayer
Doyle Braham II
Derek Trucks Band

etc. etc.

Listen to a couple songs from each category I broke down for you, and you should be able to get the full view of how you can play/interpret the blues.
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