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Ok, my new band is going to have our first practice next week. None of us have been in a band before. I was wondering, what we should do for our first practice? Should we start off learning a few covers, or should we get straight into jamming and songwriting?
Thanks in advance!
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i'd probably practice some easy covers, until you get a feel for playing together. /
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ive got the same situation and were gonna start with a few covers then go to originals. probably the way to go, just to see the skills of your other band mates
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It's not a bad idea to just start out with covers to get a better idea of each others' styles and just... everything in general. That way you only have to worry about getting tighter using pre-existing material as a basis rather than trying to write original material AND get tight at the same time. Then once you're all comfortable, throw around some ideas and get into songwriting.
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Yeah, have everyone learn a set list of songs. Learn them from start to finish, practice those ones... once you're used to it, start trying to make your own stuff.

My advice might not be the greatest, we don't really practice, we just play songs, covers and our own.. I suppose that's practice?
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It kinda depends on the people. I think a cover or two is a good way to start just so you can get a feel for each other and then try and write some stuff
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Close the curtains, dim the lights, and get your jam on.
Get the drummer to start the beat.
Let the bassist drop his line.
Squeeze some notes out of the guitar, let it ooze from your fingers.
Take turns as top dog in this equation.
That is, if you're a funk/blues band :U