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I believe it is from the 90's-2000's. Now, the real problem is that I have no Idea what the words are. It is a really mellow song. The words go something like:

na na, na, na na, million faces, million spaces doo doo doo.
I would drive a million miles, na na na, na na na just for you.

Haha, that's not clear at all, but it's all I got. It's not accurate, because it's just a glimpse of a song I heard on the radion. It is a love song, and I think somethinmg about "a million miles for you" is in there. Basically, I just need a bunch of really soft songs that are even remotely close. I am always looking for more music, so all responses are appreciated. Again, thanks in advance, you guys are doing me a big favor.

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Mad World - Tears For Fears, maybe? Perhaps it's the cover from Donnie Darko.
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I think it's that song, you know, that really mellow one girls just f*cking LOVE, the one that starts with the piano and something about making their way downtown? it's the one from that really funny car scene in the movie White Chicks (btw, it's sung by a girl)

It's probalby not what you're looking for, but I guess that's what you get for asking the Pit
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Is it Paolo Nutini - Million Faces?

Even if it's not, it's a nice mellow song.
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Your "million faces, millions spaces" Sounds sort of like a Hootie and the Blowfish song "Old Man & Me".

The "I would drive a million milles" Sounds something like Vanessa Carlton or maybe even The Prentenders' "Walk a Million Miles" from the early 1990's, most notably from the movie Benny and June.