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Right, The guitarist hasnt learned any of our songs so we need 4 well known covers that arent hard to play and pretty quick to learn. Solo's and whatever, looking for Classic Rock and maybe some old metal, Any Idea's
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Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
The Kinks - Lola
Van Halen - You Really Got Me

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Alive from Pearl Jam has a long solo but it`s all in Em scale so you can also improvise instead of the original. Maybe Nothing Else Matters from Metallica but that isn`t the style you`re looking for do you? Maybe Time Is Running Out from Muse? Or Jimmy Eat World, they have some good rock songs. In the Middle for example.
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sublime - 40 oz to freedom.......black crowes - hard to handle.........weezer - say it aint so
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The good-old classics: Paranoid, Iron Man, Smoke on the Water, Sunshine of Your Love,
any Ramones song? ;-)
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when i come around - greenday lol but its pretty gig worthy....
any sublime..
a popular smashmouth song?
goldfinger, jet, the offspring....
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Classic rock? I can come up with loads...

A couple have already been mentioned...

Keep Your Hands To yourself - Georgia Satellites - dead simple in A and watch the dance floor fill up
Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry - child's play in A
Already Gone - Eagles
Lying Eyes - Eagles
Breakdown - Tom Petty
I've Done Everything for You - Sammy Hagar (also recorded by Rick Springfield, Hagar's original version is closer to metal)
Before You Accuse Me - Clapton 12 bar E shuffle, gets 'em dancing
TV Dinners - ZZ Top (drop D tuning)
I hear You Knockin' - Dave Edmunds
Mustang Sally - everybody...originally Wilson Pickett I think, look for the one Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck did, it's great
Proud Mary, Green River, Susie Q, Born on the Bayou, Travelin Band all CCR plus others
Squeeze Box - The Who
Some Kind of Wonderful - Grand Funk and others, mostly bass & drums
Bad Case of Lovin' You - Robert Palmer
Rock Steady - Bad Company

That should get you started...I'm not too familiar with metal, so I'm not sure which ones would be easy to play. Check out some of Sammy Hagar's stuff, usually not too difficult, and some are great tunes, if you can put "I Can't Drive 55" together it was a big hit and should go over well, "Plain Jane" is a great tune and not hard, "3 Lock Box" is great but a bit more difficult. Some of the Scorpions early stuff wasn't too difficult except for the leads. Bon Jovi did a couple that might work well.."You Give Love A Bad Name" maybe? Yeah that's more pop oriented, but it was tremendously popular and that's what you want, not the stuff nobody's ever heard because it was never on the radio. A couple of B sides here and there will work fine, but stick to songs people will recognize. Listen to a classic rock radio station for a couple of weeks, you'll hear a ton of easy songs that might be good to try.

Avoid Free Bird, too long and you'll lose your audience about halfway through, ignore the drunk in back screaming "FREEBIRD!!!" all night.... For some stupid reason "Cocaine" still works, but I'm absolutely sick of playing it...or even hearing it...Same for "Sweet Home Alabama".
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I'd just kick your guitarist out, to be honest. What the hell is he doing?
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Tangerine by led zep
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
Patience by GNR
Knockin' on Heaven's Door originally by Dylan(?) then Clapton then GNR (imo GNR's is fun to play and easy to improv over)
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Quote by Retro Rocker
I'd just kick your guitarist out, to be honest. What the hell is he doing?


Personally, I'd ask him what songs he'd like to play, or would gain his interest in the band more.


Otherwise, Green Day, Offspring...any pop punk song is a crowd pleaser.


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You cant go wrong with cream but also Immigrant Song by Zeppelin or Stairway to Heaven but thats kinda long
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You should try Call Me the Breeze by Skynyrd.
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well... let me see
Black Sabbath - Iron Man, Paranoid
Deep Purple - Smoke on The water, Perfect Strangers
Cream - Sunshine of Your Love, Cocaine
Guns ´n Roses - Knockin´on Heavens Door
Ramones - ANYTHING
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
Audioslave - Like a Stone, Man or Animal
Rage Agains the Machine - Killing in the Name Of, Bulls on Parade
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love
they´re all easy (i know how to play ´em all haha)
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Louie Louie by the Kingsmen (but do it more like Motorhead did it)
Wild Thing (but don't play it right next to Louie Louie as it's practicaly the same tune)
Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones
Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis
Battleship Chains by Georgia Satellites (yes, I know it's cheesy, but in the entire song, it contains just two chords)
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Mississippi Queen?
Funk #49?
Led Zeppelin.
The Ramones.
Pick the more popular songs from his favorite bands maybe>?
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