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So I've come to really, really like the community in this Sub-Forum. I used to be a Pit Monkey, until I found Blues & Jazz So why not wish all my friends here a happy New Year

Happy New Year guys!

Hope that '08 is your best year yet!

Now, get your ass off UG and start partying!!!
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Quote by Dimebag22
Now, get your ass off UG and start partying!!!

+1 happy new year
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It would be the best year yet if Pat Metheny would come to Portland

But oh well, Happy New Year to you all (in 14 hours here) .
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Happy New Year! What a great subform we have here in blues and jazz!

"Blues is what you got when everything else is
gone." - J.Lansdowne
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Happy new year everybody!

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First day of the year yesterday, and I'm sitting in by my seriously ill grandmother.
Looks like she'll be ok for now though, thank god.
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Happy New Year, Blues/Jazz!

I havent been on much lately (too busy playing with the xbox 360 that santa brought me ) , but I've noticed we've been getting a lot more posters around here. Good stuff