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Hey, my school owns a tv station that broadcasts to about 20,000 houses in my area. They have a big show every year and this year they wanted my band to play for it. We will be playing 2 songs and then interviewed, and its all live. I'm looking for some sort of publicity (but not huge trouble worthy) stunt, because as we all know "Any publicity is good publicity (except for Michael Jacksons publicity)". Help me out.
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could light one of the cameramen on fire. that would get you some attention.
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You've got to destroy something.
Seeing as how you want to stay out of trouble, you'll have to break your own stuff.

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Just make sure that your bands name and website is displayed where it can be seen easyily, this way if they liked you theyll check you out. if you have another show planned annouced it at the end like: "hey if you like us check out us at out ______ on ____"
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If there's a live audience in the studio, don't play to the camera. I hate that.
However, if there isn't, play to the camera.
Also, light effects.
Play one catchy, shorter tune first, then a longer, drawn out song second.
Have the lead singer do something questionable (I suggest striking a shamanistic rock-god pose, or getting "intimate" with the mike).
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if your band has a mascot do what maiden does. eddie comes out and everyone ****s with him. or just have roadies come out with the name of the band on posters
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Destroy the entire set. Just like GNR did on headbangers ball.
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Just have fun and relax. Play it like you would play any other gig.
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Just have fun and relax. Play it like you would play any other gig.

this. if you do some stupid **** you'll probably just look annoying. just put in a really good, intense performance, but you should be trying to make all you performances really good and intense anyway.
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I work at my school's TV station, and my advice would be to make sure you're mixed properly. Always, always soundcheck!
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Get into a fight with another band member.
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Do something original... like tear up a picture of the Pope.

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if there's a live crowd, throw ur guitar off stage? or even better yet, throw the bass off stage (no offense=P)
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I work at my school's TV station, and my advice would be to make sure you're mixed properly. Always, always soundcheck!


And also, I saw a Prince performance where he ended, by letting his guitar feedback like krazy, setting it on the ground, bowing and walking of with the guitar still feedbacking.

I also thought that was a krazy k00l ending to the performance.