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I just recieved this error message

"Profile with such username doesn't exist or user didn't activate his profile yet."

Just thought maybe the his should be changed to "their" as I don't think this site is gender specific

Not that I'm pendantic or anything...

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... whaoooh. Thank god you saw that one.
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Well, technically 'their' is the plural form, and isn't grammatically correct (but yeah, I know we all use it anyway). Plus 'him', 'his' 'he' etc used to refer to both men and women, until women got pissy and demanded their own words. Even though it's not very relevant to us now

But I suppose it would make sense to change it to 'their', but I don't think anyone is going to be too offended by it. I certainly don't mind.
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it happened to me
just activate your account again

possibly you got banned
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