I've been messing around with my big muff a lot lately and i always seem to be changing around the knob settings...I know everyone have their different things but what are some ideal setting for the big muff? i usually have the sustain maxed out, the tone at about 75% and the volume at about 25%
Noon, 3 o'clock, 3 o'clock

i dont have one yet but i always use my friends every practice and thats my standard setting

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Sustain is always maxed, volume is normally like right at 12 o clock, because I use my boost to volume boost it so I get cleans with the boost when I turn it off....

Then tone varies between noon and max.
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Pumpkins set the distortion level at like Noon to one 'o clock range, then the tone is around 3 o clock, and the sustain is near maxed out. The Big Muff sounds ok by itself but try messing around with an eq in front of it to get a more shaped and clear tone.
haha first of all man, it essentially has two knobs (volume really doesnt change that much, tonally), so really, id just expiriment. buuut to provide some actual help, i usual have the volume at 12, the tone at maybe 11-12, and the sustain at 2-3. i find if the sustains too high, it gets muddy and feedsback waay too much.

EDIT: to the guy above me, the volume doesnt change the distortion, its not a distortion knob, its the volume knob. the sustain controls the amount of distortion.
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Here's something I found: it sounds a lot fuzzier if you put your guitar volume at 10.
So put your guitar volume at 10 and mess around with your guitar and pedal volume and it sounds pretty cool.
The tone I switch around depending on if I want a bassy sound or trebley sound.
Sustain usually around noon.

edit: I mean the volume knob on the guitar not the pedal
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the volume knob just contorls the output of the signal..so even though it doesn't increase the distortion level...it is commonly refered to as such.

I personally use it for hendrix stuff more than anything. My settings for it are as follows..

1 - noon 2 - 11 o clock 3 - 11 o clock....use this only in conjuction with an eq that is set to actualy boosts your mids. Compressor helps to control the consistency of the output signal as well.