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You can't. Why would you want to, it's free.

Kill yourself?

EDIT: You've only ever made one post, which is this thread. What's the point?
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Remember pit posts don't count so he may have quite a few in there. And no you can't delete your account. I think the reason is because it makes it harder to track multiple accounts later on.
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PM Rankles explaining why you want it deleted, he might do it.
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Quote by FrenchyFungus
PM Rankles explaining why you want it deleted, he might do it.

agreed, but thats not guarenteed bro.
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^I'll go out on a limb here and say Frenchy knows what he's talking
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Any admin can delete an account, so far your best bet is Rankles. I really really don't see why you would need to delete your account. You can just stop using UG.