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I am new to jazz, and I wonder if there was say 4 jazz records I was going to buy which 4 would that be. The artist are:

miles davis
john coltrane
charlie parker
wes montgomery
go cowboys
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well...not for beginners
but listen to coltrane.
i recommend the "my favorite things" album
that's a star to shoot for
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there's already a huge thread with a ton of suggested listening, i'd suggest you go search for that, it's very well done.
but for those artists,
miles - kind of blue
coltrane - my favorite things or a love supreme
wes- the incredible jazz guitar (i believe that's the title)

happy listening.
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I'd say Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. It's top notch.
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my suggestions

miles - seven steps to heaven
coltrane - blue train
parker - the ken burns jazz anthology is a great collection to start with, I find that the individual albums are really hard to find
wes - smokin' at the half note and incredible jazz guitar
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I feel Kind of Blue is made too much of a show about. Miles has some more interesting stuff, like Seven Steps to heaven.

Might I add to that list Horace Silver - Song for my Father.

It's an excellent one.