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so i lead a band a while back then the other guitar left but we might be starting again soon. anyway one of our big problems was our material. So our keyboard player comes up with the best lyrics. I can come up with the best melodies and that was convienient cuz i was doing vocals... this time around i might not be doing vocals, should i still be comming up with the melody?

What i would like to do is have me and the lyric writer get together, I would come up with the chords/melody/myguitar part and then have other people come up with their parts around the chords and what not. Does that still work if I dont sing? The other problem is that the other guitar likes to write music and lryics but he always says that he can't really get stuff from his head to his guitar and it comes out a very different style.

How should the process work? What do you do? How can I let my other guitar do enough of his own so he will come back but still have one sound?

Thanks for putting up with leignth.
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Jimmy Page was the primary songwriter for most of Zep's songs
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I write the lyrics for my band, yet can't sing worth crap, dude.

What my band does is, on our own down time, we come up with riffs and whatnot, I write lyrics, etc.

Two of us end up harmonizing riffs, while the other either triple-harmonizes us or backs us.

Our singer learns the lyrics and creates his own harmonies that he's both comfortable with and go along with the song, and when he's stuck, I help him.

It should be easy if all of you have that music bug and someone's not just stuck doing music because there's nothing better to do.

Good luck.