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Real Name: TSS

Age: 24

Location: Lon Gisland

Favourite Artists: Radiohead. Paul Klee. Auguste Rodin.

An artist we should listen to is: akon

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): Vanilla Ice I guess. He kills my brain like a poisonous mushroom.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): Federico García Lorca.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: Herny Miller. That guy got so much ass.

Why Do You Write: to woo girls and Evan, and so I can send this drivel in attached to my college applications.

Favourite technique/style: doggy.

Favourite Writer on UG: Evan, steve, carpy, less than that, stellar

Most Helpful Critic: Steve, evan, carpy

Your Most Recent Work and Reason behind It: Forty-four lines of the word "pineapple" written four times each on my left forearm in sharpie. I was on drugs.

Tips for Newer Writers: Turn sixteen first. No, seventeen. Turn seventeen before you pick up a pen.

Any Final Comments or Thoughts: It's about time.

Example of recent work:
This is not a pipe
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Why wait until 17?

I'm only 15. Booooo.

Congrats by the way.
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Quote by Snowblind 911
I'm only 15. Booooo.
Nate, step slowly away from the pen.

Congrats, Teghvir!
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Quote by carmel_l
Real Name: Teghvir Sethi

Tips for Newer Writers: Turn sixteen first. No, seventeen. Turn seventeen before you pick up a pen.

Whaaa?!? 3 more years?
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This has been the best questionnaire yet.

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I liked Randy's questionnaire slightly better but this one has its merits.

Its sad that now, after I am older than 17, I completely agree with his age comment, particularly for poetry.

Edit: let me take that back. Done pick up the pen to write poetry that you will give up to public and authoritative scrutiny until the aforementioned age, personal angst in 3x5 notebooks that you compile to feel good about yourself are okay.
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Quote by confusius
Damn, that means I can only post my next piece in 2 years...

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Quote by confusius

You've left me in an uncomfortable position now.

um... leave on a high note?

'grats Tig. And yea, I thought you werent 24...
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I was looking for one of your recent ones and saw your iron and wine cover. I love it completely really, really nice.

Sorry, I just figured I'd say something
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Thanks for the shout-outs man. It means a lot. This was deserved and more than due....
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