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Hi everyone,
I am in a two-man band called JiGu. Check our music at . I recently made some really good quality songs and I don't want to release it for free. What should I do to release it officially? I heard I have to meet with a Producer or something. What should I do?
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well, if you have the proper equipment (mic, computer, recording software, that's pretty much it) you can record them and release them on your own, but that would require tons of painstaking recording/production efforts which can be a bitch if you're new to all that, but if you go to a recording studio it could certainly cost quite a heft penny
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get some 7"s pressed up and sell them. there you go, a single. there's no such thing as releasing 'officially'. i mean, you can register to get barcodes or whatever and make it chart eligible, but doing so isn't all that worthwhile to be honest. you can try and get 'proper' distribution for it, but succeeding in doing so is unlikely and not really all that worthwhile; anyone buying your single would either be local, in which case you can just get into some local independent record stores if you ask, or have heard you on the internet, in which case you can sell it using paypal or whatever, or have heard you at a gig, in which case you sell it at gigs.

of course, i'm assuming here that you have mastered recordings. if not, you need to get them. i wouldn't self record for something like this. if you're gonna charge people, it needs to be a decent quality. which means you need to get into a studio, record two songs well and get them mastered.
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