I'm trying to plug my SM57 into my CPU. I'm running on Windows XP Pro. The computer isn't picking the Mic up. When it was first plugged in the CPU recognized that a mic was plugged into the Mic In Line, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually activate and use it. Any solutions?
first off, wrong form, this should not be under "original recordings"
this form is for people to post the audio they make from scratch, (not cover songs).

As for the 57, it needs a preamp and a fair one to sound good.
you could use an adapter to go into the mic input on your sound card but as I said, it would sound great.

I suggest some kind of interface, Ive been having fun with the Toneport UX1 myself but the GX with adapter will also work.

If you don't have much money you can buy a low end preamp like the ART Tube MP and run the output of that to the line on on your sound card.

then you have to go into your recording program and select the mic as the input...
im no expert but does the 57 need phantom power?

try recording with audacity too.

other than that, you need a decent sound card to convert the mics analogue signal to digital, as your stock one will lag. or a USB interface, like a line 6 toneport, but preferably better.
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I don't care much about sound quality. This is just for temporary use just to get my ideas down. I do have a 1/4 to 1/8 adaptor. The only problem is that my computer doesn't seem to pick up the mic. I have one of two options. Realtek HD Audio Input Device 1 and Realtek HD Digital Input Device 1. None of them seem to do anything.
nope the SM57 is a dynamic mic and therefore will not need 48V phantom power.

Yes audacity is a nice program to start out on, if you have Qs on this program use the sticky:

You may also want to look over this:
Yeah I'll definitely be getting an interface in the future, but I have no clue when that will exactly be. I'm just trying to figure out how I can get this to work now.
try going into your control panel and making sure the sound settings are correct, do the same for your recording program. If the settings are done correct you should be able to go though the mic slot on the computer with little trouble...
everything is the same right now. but still nothing. i'm using adobe audition and soundbooth if it makes a difference.
Try running Audacity and see if that helps

Make sure the mic works properly on a proper setup and check cables.
It could just be your sound card cant put out enough gain for this 57 to work...
Doesn't the Shure Sm57 need phantom power?

I've got an Alesis io2, but for some reason when you plug into the left mic input it pans hard left on recording, and right mic input pans hard right. I've posted here asking why that is but haven't got a decent reply as of yet.

Make sure mic boost is on and the volume is all the way up on your computer. Don't plug it into the line in, make sure it's in the microphone port or you'll get nothing (at least that's the way it was with me). You need a preamp for the mic and the line in won't help you with that. The microphone port is designed to power the small computer mics so it'll help a bit but you'll most likely need to purchase a preamp to record at reasonable levels.
A microphone is not like digital computer hardware as in when you plug it in, it does not get picked up and added as a new device. You need to go into your sound properties for your sound card, and make sure you check off the right input.

I think thats what you are experiencing.

Also I'm big on getting people to use proper terminology, and "CPU" is not the proper terminology for your computer. A CPU is a single component inside of the computer called the central processing unit. This component is generally associated with the speed of the computer, eg a 2.2GHz Dual Core processor. Theres no reason why you shouldn't call your computer your computer. Most people will understand what you're meaning, but it generally makes things much more consistent and easier to research/communicate.