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Well we are trying to fire our prsent singer but we haven't been able to get hold of her for about a week now. Should we still post on our internet things that we are looking for a new singer or should we wait till we actually can tell her over the phone? (it is impossible for us to see her in person for nearly 2 weeks after this point) Or is that too ****ty?
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call her if you seriously consider to move on with your band.
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In a band, you all have to carry your own weight. If you feel it's necessary, take initiative in making practices, AND CALLING HER ABOUT IT. Don't expect someone to show up just by contacting someone via MySpace and e-mail.

If you have been doing that, and if it just seems that she's not committing enough, then call her up and tell her that it's time to be serious, or you're going to move on without her. If it does resort to this, make it clear that there shouldn't be any hard feelings, and the band just seems more important to the rest of the band than her.
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If she's still alive and you've been completely unable to reach her for a whole week, how is she a member of your band? Sounds like you're talking about a stranger or distant aquaintance. If you haven't made a real effort (repeated calls, going to her home, etc.) to reach her then do so. If you have already, then it sounds to me like she's already out of the band and you can go recruiting all you like.
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(Its done now btw)

We had been calling her about 25 times a day for two weeks before we could get hold of her, it was really quite frustrating