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Hey guys. Quick question here. I'm trying to learn the SRV song 'tin pan alley' however ive seen two different tabs that place it in two different keys. One of the tabs bases around the penta-box on the 7th fret, the other bases it on the 8th. Now, I know Stevie tuned down a 1/2 step or whatever so im assuming this is the reason for this descrepency. What i'm wondering is, which is the right way to play this on a standard tuned guitar? My ear hasn't developed enough to figure it out but im leaning towards the 7th fret. Thanks and any help is appreciated.
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I would use that tab. Play it half a step down.
He says its in C minor, which is its actually Cbm (Bm) but whatever
So play some Bm, Fbm, Gbm chords with it as he also says

and my advice is dont learn it straight through. Jam with it, play some of the licks, but dont play the whole song exactly through. That doesn't help nearly as much.

But hopefully that helps. If you wanted a decision between your 2 tabs post the links and ill let you know which one is right. Sounds like for standard tuning you want the one based on the Cb blues scale, 7th fret.

Let me know if you need anything else, like the scale or chord shapes or what not. Good luck!
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it's played in c minor on a guitar tuned down half a step, so in standard you'd want to play it in b minor to play along with stevie.
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thanks for your help guys. This is always been my fav Stevie song. I think it just reeks of cool. Hopefuly i can get it down at least to some extent.