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...about piano/keyboard in order to play in a band? I'm pretty good around the keyboard; I can play classical, rock, and jazz and chords. What are most keyboard parts like? (They seem pretty simple when I watch bands perform, but I've been told it's a lot harder.)

Also, what does it take to be a good rhythm player? I know most chords and notes pretty much all around the fretboard; I just don't know what rhythm guitarists actually play.

I'm trying to start a project with a few friends, and hopefully make a full band later on; I just want to know if I have what it takes.

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well what i know about keyboards is that they either go along with the notes the rhythm guitar plays, or they have some wild crazy thing that stands out.

and a good rhythm guitarist should know how to play some lead stuff, because that will just make the rhythm all the better
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Well yeah, ask the rhythm guitarist for the chords he's playing, and follow with them. If he's doing riffs, you either copy the riffs or play the chords the riffs are played over.

A lot of the 60s psychedelic rock had excellent guitar/keyboard blends in their music. Iron Butterfly, the early Pink Floyd, etc. It's worth looking at, I suppose.
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I just got back home from jamming with my lead guitarist. We play melodic-metal, and today was the first day we incorporated keys into it. It sounded so awesome that I offered to take on keys as one of my primary instruments for the band (besides guitar; and yes, I've taken lessons through school.)

It really depends on how you work with a keyboard. You have to have the right tone, be in the right key, and don't go TOO crazy with effects if you have a guitarist that has a billion pedals. Your styles are more than likely to clash.