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There doesn't seem to be much mention of Harrison round here.

'All things must pass' is an ace album, and i love all the jamming in the end few tracks. The production is classic walls of sound and I think clapton plays on it.
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he's sadly underrated as usual. I can think of no other artist to emulate better in terms of humour and attitude. and ATMP is wonderful. Clapton certainly can be heard. "brainwashed", his last LP seems good as well...love "Any road",
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Brainwashed is terrific, soooo underrated. Pick it up!!

Any Road, Pisces Fish, Marwa Blues, Vatican Blues, Rising Sun, Looking for my Life-- all terrific tracks
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Quote by EddieCraig
the best songwriter for the beatles.


He was actually a better songwriter post-Beatles than he was with them IMO.
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