Im Looking For Some Good Metal Songs In Drop B. I Know Machine Head And Slipknot Songs In Drop B but i need to know what else there is out there.
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Ernie Ball "Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom"
animosity, parkway drive, through the eyes of the dead, though they're not exactly "true" metal. good stuff anyways
umm any song that uses a 7 string guitar in standard tuning.... lots of nevermore, and The Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater.
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drop b is pretty low...i dont acually know any songs that low, except slipknot?
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dethklok uses C standard on all there songs. and any slipknot is basically Drop B
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They play in C.

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drop b is pretty low...i dont acually know any songs that low, except slipknot?

Meh, I play in B (BEADF#B) with one of my guitars, which is lower than drop B. Spawn Of Possession, Vehemence, Guttural Secrete, Edge of Sanity, Bongzilla....
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most fear factory songs play in Drop B other than 4 or 5 but play the stuff when dino was still there..uhhh Cannibal Corpse is mostly in A right? if not i think they have 1 or so song in drop B

all we do in my band sometimes are do remakes with drop B...we actually played metallica songs in drop B sounds ok.. ohhhH!!! yes No Remorse-Cannibal corspe drop B and it's awsome

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not really metal, but some Nickelback is in drop b. thats how i play "Gotta get me some" anyway