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I've always loved listening to blues, and even more so playing it, but i don't know too much about it

Could anybody tell me the different types of blues? Like what exactly is delta blues or chicago blues? If you could give me examples, i'd be grateful. thanks
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Well the delta blues is from the Mississippi Delta Region. Mostly its acoustic, with a lot of finger picking and slide stuff. Robert Johnson and Son House and I think Mississippi John Hurt as well fit here.

Chicago blues can include stuff like electric guitars and saxophones, even though the saxophone isn't really a traditional blues instrument. Howlin' Wolf and Fredie king fit here. BB King does also I think.

Texas blues is a lot like chicago blues, but it has more rhythm and probably a more upbeat tempo. Stevie Ray Vaughn is definitely the most famous of these.
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Heres a list of good stuff to get you started


R. Johnson(obviously)
the other two from the first post
Skip james
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Charley Patton

on top of BB and the others mentioned

Muddy Waters
Willie Dixon
Albert King
Buddy Guy
Elmore James
Sonny Boy Williamson


Albert Collins
T-Bone Walker
Freddie King

and I don't know where to put him but John Lee Hooker (some say he's electric delta others say Chicago)

hope that gets you started

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Pre War Blues/Very Raw:
Robert Johnson
Son House
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Charley Patton

Delta Blues:
Big Bill Broonzy
Muddy Waters
Mississippi Fred McDowell
John Lee Hooker
Willie Dixon
Howlin Wolf
Elmore James
Sonny Boy Williamson

Chicago Blues:
Buddy Guy
BB King
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Albert King
Freddie King
T-Bone Walker
Otis Rush

Albert Collins
T-Bone Walker
Freddie King
Stevie Ray Vaughn

And All Great other Blues Players:
Johnny Winter
Jimi Hendrix
Duane Allman
Eric Clapton
John Mayer
Doyle Braham II
Derek Trucks Band
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Quote by TheDev01dOne
You all forgot Billy Gibbons/ZZ Top for Texas blues. Shame on you.

aye billy gibbons is a brilliant blues guitarist
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I love the delta blues. Easily my favourite.

Blind Willie Johnson
Blind Willie Mctell
Blind Boy Fuller
Big Bill Broonzy
Bukka White
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Robert Johnson
Son House
Charley Patton
Mississipi John Hurt
Skip James
Ike Zinnerman
Leadbelly (he's more country than blues)
Memphis Minnie

My favourite blues players.
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skip james definately for delta blues. his voice is amazing.

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