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Just thought I'd start a thread about Duster Bennett, THE one-man blues band. He penned my favourite 12-bar song, Jumping At Shadows, later covered by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. I highly recommend The Blue Horizon Recordings. He was an incredibly talented man and anyone who bothers looking in this "Blues & Jazz" bit of UG should check him out.

A few links:

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ha ha! I found that funny. Sorry for reviving this thread, but Duster really deserves more exposure. Anyone read his biography? I still need to get it. I really love his work. It's sad that Stella (Duster's wife) didn't continue to sing but I can understand why. I preume you guys have got some of his albums? They're quite rare!

Oh, and anyone else also think some of his material still sounds fresh and relevant to the modern day?