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As a band we want to decide what song to play for battle of the bands, we have 2 guitarists a pianist and a drummer. Pianist/keyboarding guy, 5 years experience. Guitarist Lead 3 years, Guitarist 5 months. drummer couple of years. WE have never played in a band but have 4 months to prepare for a song. (hell of a long time) Its a performance for high schooler in a high school. WE all are highschoolers. Like what are some good songs with nice solos, i like highway star, smoke on the water, AC/DC kind of easy, something that will stun the crowd, but them to aww when we play it. I would prefer heavy rock to metal. Iron maiden aint bad, aces high, alexander the great all these are great anything else? What is your experience with these kinds of compeitions, what wuld sound good etc...
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I didn't hear anything about a vocalist.. im just assuming you have one,

but other than that i would i hightly suggest

Don't Fear the reaper - Blue oyster cult

amazing song to play and is fairly easy for all parts from what i know. that was probably the first whole song i ever learned on guitar.

or even..

even though i hate this song and this band with a passion, i think that
Sweet Child o' mine - Guns n' roses would be another good one

anyway good luck..
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If you've got a Pianist...I would love to see an amateur band play "bat out of Hell", that'd be BEAST