Real Name: Alex (fontaine)

Age: 17


Favourite Artists: I love a nice Singer/Songwriter. Dylan, Springsteen, Van Morrison, Jeff Buckley, David Bowie etc. Mark Knopfler + Dire Straits. Noel Gallagher is the greatest songwriter of the last 15 years, with a almost offensive ease. Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and so on. I have hair.

An artist we should listen to is:
Alabama 3. Absolutely stunning genre-defining greatness with eleventeen legs and fourteen shots of rainbow craziness.

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically):
Sadly, has to be Dylan still, with Morrissey coming close. Although Townshend (from The Who of course) is quite overlooked as a lyricist. He's often praised for his composition but not so much for lyrics, which is a shame I think. Also, whoever wrote that song by Rihanna. I shall never leave my home on a rainy day without uttering those immortal lines.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): Couldn't say. I'm not really the kind of person who has a favourite poet or poem. My tastes change from week-to-week. Anyone who writes with a passion and has a shillings worth of talentful talent is grand enough for a box of grapefruits and a gentle kiss to the cheek.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: This question sucks ass. Any writer who wants to be another writer is facing an inevitably ultimate failure and several bruises.

Why Do You Write: I just enjoy it. When there's nothing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, there's nothing quite like writing.

Favourite technique/style. (After the defacement of this most pertinent question by Tigger, it is now known as, Favourite technique/style to write in): I don't really know. This board influences people so much. Well, it did to me. I came here as a dylan-obsessed songwriter who wrote stories in rhymes, and now I find myself writing socially-observant pieces with no intention of slipping in a rhyme. Luckily, I think that I've managed to carry my own personal touch along with the pieces, although that may just be because i wrote them and i recognise them. I have no idea. I'm **** at answering this.

Favourite Writer on UG: Again, depends. I hate to admit it but the writer on here who, for the first time, got to me with a piece was (unfortunatly, he seems to get enough praise around here) Stellar_Legs with some piece called Brundle-Guy or something (from the fly?). The final stanza of that is nothing short of epic. Since then, i've read alot more and have loved everyone, paticularly those with their own kind of styles. We Have Sound and Gurgle!Argh are ****ing great, Phantom, Zanas, Confusius, SYK, Something_Vague, and recently, Arthur Curry (who really should of won this month) and bluesbilly. Pretty much all of the regulars are brilliant in their own rights, and on a different day I would of mentioned different names. Those are just the ones who shot to my mind.

Most Helpful Critic: Gurgle!Argh when he gets to myn always changes my opinions on certain things. Phantom, Zanas, SYK, Jammydude (when he's about), etc.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason behind It: This piece - not my favourite but my most recent. It's kind of based around the comparison of the Prohibition era to Education.

Tips for Newer Writers: I think Kerouac said it best when he said "Don't think of words when you stop, but to see pictures better" or something like that. Also, try and end powerfully. It's what makes a piece, for me.

Any Final Comments or Thoughts: Really, I just want to say thanks for everyone that voted. I don't think I'm really up to the standard of most people who win this but all I can do is be glad, I suppose. It means alot.

Submit a photo: The one on my profile - I'm on my imac so i can't copy paste the direct address steve. Stevedit: Check his profile
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Congrats, your last name makes me remember how amazing Bioshock was, so kudos for that.

Thanks for mentioning me as well,