Tell me what you think, it goes to a song on my profile thats called Set in Stone. The lyrics don't fit right into the guitar part because I shortened it so you wouldn't get bored listening to the same riff over and over again. Here it is:

Like a man on a mission you’re out on your own,
You’re taking a beating, you’re thinking of home.
But at home there’s a path that all must take,
In the middle of a blizzard you’re just one flake.
So break down the fence, go out on your own.
Make your mark on the world, set it in stone.

Is this spiral,
Going up or down.
Has lady victory,
Torn her gown.

Confused about life people fill it with things,
Buy, buy, buy, that’s the sound when freedom rings.
Get what you can, they say the end is coming,
Our unbeatable enemy can’t be fled by running.
Here we have arrived, the point of no return,
Everything we loved, we just decide to burn.

Is this spiral,
Going up or down.
Has lady victory,
Torn her gown.

A man will tell you what to do,
It is up to you to follow through.
What works for one could kill the other,
Either stand and fight or run for cover.
Advice isn’t always meant to be followed,
Be careful of the words, that you’ve just swallowed.

Set in stone,
And left alone.
Sweetest song was all along just hiding,

© 2008 Ben Hubbard
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This is actually pretty good. im not a fan of metal. or political songs for that matter, but you did an absolutely amazing job. this is something id listen to and enjoy.

good job man. Cheers
Whatever it is you do, DO NOT CLICK HERE! ! it will bring the end of the world upon us all!!!! I swear you click it, and you will end o.O