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I plan on taking this class for 10th grade as a bass player but I have to audition. The teacher said I should listen to jazz to brush up for the auditions in May. The problem is I have no idea where to start as there are so many different musicians. Could anybody recommend me some place to start.

Update: Should I mention I play electric bass?
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charles mingus

jaco pastorius (spelling?)

miles davis had a good bassist

so did joe pass
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Just make sure you know your theory, or have a general idea of it (scales, roots, and chord formation).

Miles Davis is good.
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I assume if you're playing in a big group, then your job will be to hold down the rhythm. In that case, you shouldn't be trying to emulate fusion artists. Try looking up some lessons online for "walking basslines" and once you've got a feel for the basics of that style, you can start to branch out a bit with your own ideas.
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assuming that you're gonna be playing mostly swing, learn how to improvise walking basslines from just looking at chord charts.

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Charles Mingus is easily the best jazz bassist IMO. Listen to Mingus Ah Um
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Paul Chambers on Kind of Blue.

You can listen to Jaco but don't take too much influence from him yet because he doesn't really do anything a traditional big band bass player does.
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