Hello individual who is reading this,
I have been searching the Internet out of curiosity to find out the model of my guitar. I know its an Ibanez Iceman but not too sure which year and crap it is. It was 2 Volume and 1 tone with a 3 switch knob. Tune-o-matic bridge. Though I found that at the end of the neck where the tuning pegs are, its the same as the ICX220, but looks nothing like it. And underneath where it says Ibanez it says "Iceman-II." Here are a few pictures.

if it doesnt have 24 frets and its not super light, it's not the icx220

it looks like the normal ic400, but im know too great with the various iceman's either
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IC50, from '79-82. Birch/basswood laminate body, 24.75 scale.
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