hey guys can someone explain in really simple terms what is RSS? i know it has something to do with updating of content right? I searched the web but couldnt seem to understand their explaination. Can someone aid me by explaining wat it does and also what is the difference between and site that has RSS and one that doesnt?

thanks in advance!
can someone explain it using blog as an example? i know a blog has RSS. may i know what will happen if a blog DOESNT have rss?
You can subscribe to the RSS feed of a blog/newssite/whatever. You do this by adding it into a RSS reader. Every time the website posts an update, you'll get a notice. It basically makes it easier to keep track of updates on a website. Nothing will happen if a blog does not have RSS.

If people subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog, they'll get a notice every time (or once a day, depends on their config) the blog updates.