i asked the other day how to do drop d tuning
and i got replies bak say that all its is, is the top e become a d and that i can do it on a guitar tuner but my tuner wont let me tune my e down to a d.
the tuner only comes up wit 7B when tunin 6E down

can any1 help

Its very simple to tune to Drop D even without out a tuner. You know how, when in standard tuning, your low E string played at the 5th fret is the same tone as your A string?
All youve gotta do, is tune your low E string down so that when it is played at the 7th fret its tone matches the A string.
Another way to look at it is octaves.

E - 6th string
A - 5th string
D - 4th string
G - 3rd string
B - 2nd string
e - 1st string

You want to take the low E (6th string) to D. So if you pluck the E string while fingering the 12th fret and start to tune down it should match the same note as an open 4th (D) string
Instead of using a tuner, use your ear.
Start by playing an A on your low E string (5th fret) in Standard E tuning, while playing the A string below it open. You should be able to tell the notes are the same (assuming the guitar is in tune). Now, start turning your tuning knob for the low E string down, the goal is to make it flat a whole step. You can tell when you hit D because in drop D, the 7th fret is an A so it will sound the same as an open A string.
Hope this helps
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yep i have a button for flats

Okay then here's what you do. Take the flats and hit it twice. Your tuner should read Ebb.

That means you're taking the E note down two steps, from E to Eb/D# to Ebb or just D. Now once your tuner reads Ebb then pluck the E string until it tunes. You can also use my previous comment and the comment before mine to check to make sure it's in tune correctly.
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Hello! This is my first time posting here.

I'm still a beginner and had the same problem. This site helped me out alot! It's an online tuner. Just pick your tuning on the right and click PLAY beneath the D string. Try to match the sound up with your guitar. It may take a while to get your ear trained but, you'll notice when you play.

I hope this helps:

The way i drop D tune is i keep tuning down till your low E strings 7th fret sound like the A string.
thanx every1 for that i finally got it
usin the 7th fret way and eventually gettin it rite wit my tuner
thanx heaps