Im stoked I wrote a couple songs got a few people into my music yea.

I wanna get it on the internet. But the whole Audacity thing is way outta my league.

(note I dont want all this professional stuff.. I just want to get like literally a sample of it on the internet since im not the richest of rockers ) I can record it to my cell phone.. I dont know if I can email it to myself? but I do got this mic

Mic clearly has the jack, I put it into the red hole in the back of computer.. mic input? (again crappy mic but.. goin with what I got )

Now I really dont know what software to use.. because last time I tried audacity, I got just about no noise at all. Yes I was playin loud with the mic next to the amp. When I turned my computers speakers all the way up I could hear MASSIVE static and just barly what I was playin every once in a while.. like just BARLY.

So I really dont know what to do now help :\
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