Hi I'm back again with another question. I promise this will probably be the last one if all goes well tomorrow. So I finally hit up Guitar Center this afternoon and spent like two hours playing everything within my price range. My budget ended up being lower than I had planned for so I had to replan my shopping list. As of now, I have around 700 to spend on a new electric and acoustic guitar. I managed to try out all the ones I had my eye on and I've come down to the following:

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top - $549

Epiphone Dove - $249 (They had one on sale when I looked today)

So that ads up to around $800. I was wondering if it was likely or not that the salesman would be willing to let me walk out of the store with both of those for $700 cash and no tax (around $100 off). I'm not sure how low they go when bartering on stuff so I thought I'd check here first. Also, do you guys think asking them for a free acoustic case be pushing it? Thanks in advance for the help.
Oh and if anyone has any comments/concerns/advice on my choice I'll be willing to listen and try other stuff out tomorrow. I know this is the electric forum but I'm pretty much set on the acoustic and am 90% sure about the electric.
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I doubt it, I'm almost positive that would be more than their commission for selling those.

I would just buy one and get the other when you have the money together.
Or you could get the Plain Top and that Acoustic. The plain top is basically the same thing, without a flame top. I personally like it without the flame top.
only way to know is to try it. I always ask for discount on stuff, worst they can say is no. I dont think $100 is too unrealistic.

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My experience with Guitar Centre is that as a rule you can always get at least 10% discount which brings you to $720. With that said however, you mention sales tax and I assume you aren't including that in the prices you show (web prices). What is the sales tax in your state and are you reasonably close (couple hours) to a sales tax free state?

What you could do is try to buy the Epi for $475 and don't go a penny higher with your negotiation. When they say they absolutely can't do the deal just say "how about I add another guitar to the deal" and go from there.

Oh, and asking for the case might be pushing it a little, but again you just never know with Guitar Centre.

Good luck, stick to your guns and stay in control of the negotiation and remember "Guitar Centre will always negotiate!"
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I don't know it depends on your guitar center I've got a $500 acoustic for $390 once and a couple of discontinued things for 50% off. But I went in recently and the manager told me they can't haggle any more. I was going to spend $1,000 and they would'nt give me $100 off.....
You can.. my friends dad bought a Les Paul from there once and got it at cost which was $300 off the sticker price.. and once i went to buy a practice head for my house the head was 399 and they had the matching cab for 299 and i told the guy i only had 500 (i had about 700 something on me) and he sold it to me.. they'll do anything to make a sale.. just go when its slow so they have to devote time to you.. because time is money to them.. if its busy they'll just neglect your request and move on to someone else.. but if its slow then they'll mull it over and more than likely bargain with you.
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Sales tax is 8.25% and the closest tax-free state is Oregon which is around an 8-hour drive (I think). There was an Epi G-400 that I really liked at the store also which my friend thought looked satanic so I might go back and consider that one. There were also some really nice acoustic guitars there that went for around 200-ish but I'll ask in the acoustic forum about that before I decide which one to pick an alternate for.

Kind of off-topic again, but what are some major things I should be concerned about regarding the G-400 vs Les Paul. The main thing people say is the weight distribution with the heavy neck on the G-400 but is there anything else that I should watch out for?
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