I like that intro, really.

Your drums pissed me off a bit. Let some of that crash go, man.
Some of the dissonance I didn't like as well.

Yes, that bar is possible.

But enough with random comments:

I like this piece a lot. It has moments of brilliance. Pure brilliance. Your harmonies are amazing.
You've kind of hit a rare sound. You've got your All Shall Perish type heaviness, along with your more Metalcore riffs in there as well. It's really nice to listen to.

But lose the outro. Now.

Overall? 8.5/10.
Gimme a crit, if you've got a spare moment.
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I've that riff somewhere before.... like in some classical song or something.....

Yeah.. The song is "O Fortuna"
Lol. Good catch.

Anyway... The song was okay... Some of the harmonized parts sounded like crap... But it's been a long time since I've listened to O Fortuna, so I don't know if that's in the song and just happened because of MIDI or not. The ending was out of place and should be dropped. Especially since there's no transition.

Good job on the main riff though. lol

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its a good attempt at a melodic deathmetal song, but you wrote it almost all at 120 BPM. lol.


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your guitar and drumwork seems good
it feels really empty

it needs like bass and more keyboards [mabey not like 20 keyboards but 1 continous one would help alot]

overall though id say 9/10
only because it feels empty but it was great
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I agree with envoykrawkwar7.

The 0 2 2 0 section was difficult to get in to the rhythm of it.

It felt a bit repetitive in some parts but you've been rather creative here!
The interlude/minor 2nd thing was sweet. The intro was good. The sweep/hammer-on section was good too. All of the keyboard parts were bad ass. The first solo should've been faster. But the second solo was awesome.

I disliked the verse/breakdown parts with the open notes and such, it was boring, change it up a bit.

Crit/suggestions on My Post
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This song has some good riff, but some of it just seemed to drag on. It might’ve been just the drums though. There was always a constant crash going on that just made the section feel like it was never going to end.

Also just try to make things more interesting as well, or at least not so repetitive. Some of the riffs were kind of generic IMO. Like envoy said, it needs something more. Add a bass and constant keyboard or something

btw i really liked measures 42-49. i enjoyed the dissonance

7/10 good but could better. c4c? death techno or a lonely descent in sig plz
Liked it a lot. I really liked the riffs from bars 14-41. I love the breakdown parts. I don't know why someone would say a breakdown is boring, it's not supposed to be an amazing melodc solo or something. Intro was pretty good. I personally liked the outro. It might have been able to be done a little better, but hey, it works for me how it is.

The keyboard is alright though. It sounds good when it's not playing exactly what the guitar is doing. I don't really like when it does play exactly what the guitar is doing. Not to mention the fact that that sweep picking section with the keyboard is probably only possible by the guy from children of bodom.

With the drums, you could probably change it up a bit. It sounded good, but you could probably use something other than just the crash and ride bell. Maybe some closed and oppen high hat, ride cymbal, chinese cymbal. Just some other cymbals to change it up, give different sections different feels. Make it feel like this section is different from the one before it. Oh, and at measure 10. You can use grace notes if you want that flam feel. Sounds the same as the way you put it. And just so you know, when drums are using a doubla bass pedal and doing fast sixteenths. They hit the bass and the snare at the same time. They don't let off the bas just to hit the snare. Just so you know.

Alright, so overall, I like this song. Maybe a few things that could improve a bit, but generally it's pretty good. Maybe a 9.3/10. Improve on a couple of things and it's perfect. Good job.

Oh, and would it be okay if you could crit one of my songs? One of the bottom ones in my sig, preferably. Thanks.
Very creative
I loved the harp XD
And the pizzicato strings.

The whole song just sounded great, and flowed between parts excellently.
****ing awesome

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Great work.

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I'm not a big fan of very heavy music, but this little baby got my attention. It's very creative. The "O Fortuna" fragments mix perfectly with the overall idea.

The harmony part, its really cool, but a bit repetative and i think a little slower part would do a great job.

I think this thing is very creative and full of spirit: 8,7/10

Job Well Done

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