Seem slike a stupid question but not really. ive had the guitar for over a year now, cant say ive been playing for a year though, pick it up maybe 5 days out of the week and just start playing. I dont really practice i guess, i just look at tabs of songs i like to play and over the years ive never really learned a song, just parts of many songs, the most complete song i could play is Orion and i cant play the last solo. so im gonna change, but how does one actually practice the guitar? do u just pick it up and start playing stuff? or do the scales n stuff, i know one of the scales, and my solo just doesnt seem to get better and i keep missing strings, and i cant sweep pick or any of that stuff. i can just play riffs of a bunch of songs, and only like half of the songs. also i dont really care about getting really really good like a professional its more of a hobby, something i do for fun. i just wanna get decent.
just one day decide you a going to learn a whole song and dont get disracted and then learn it.. thats what i do
the most fun way to become decent is by doing what you're doing. that, and chromatic exercises as warmup.
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Learning scales, learning chords and new chord voicings, doing picking exercises till you can get up to whatever speed you want to be at.
Chromatic exercise, like scales? i also sometimes to the


exercise thingy that this site has.
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I play and just familiarize myself with the guitar. I do learn theory and warm up but I don't really do a lot of "exercises" that being said i hate shredding. Guitar takes time and once you know the sound of every fret you can play whatever you want by second nature.
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If you wanna play a song you like - play it solowly at first. Then increase speed afterwards once you got the hang of things.
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i do all my warm up exercises for at least an hour. practice scales for 30 mins, practice chords,random songs/riffs and currently working on these 7 major arpeggiosa
I'm in your situation.Have you tried learning the fretboard notes?
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i start by playing easy songs so warm up then start playing faster or more challenging and i practice scales and the aprethinggy. just cant remember that word! and chromatic scales and alternate picking with all of them. i eco pick as few as possible notes
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